Santa Rosa

Coming Soon to Santa Rosa!

January through May 2018, new carts along with a kitchen compost pail will be delivered to each single family home in Santa Rosa. Old carts will simultaneously be removed, and then recycled. You will receive a notice prior to your cart swap-out date, informing you of the date as well as more details on how to use your new carts. As well, will gradually bring all new trucks into town, in order to provide cleaner and more reliable service to you.

Make Green & Blue Your “Go-To!”

The standard size for all recycling (blue) and compost (green) carts is 96 gallons. This is our largest cart! The reason for this is we want you to think diversion first! Everything you put in your garbage cart (gray) goes into the landfill. Clean and acceptable materials in your recycling and compost cart are diverted from the landfills and recycled into new materials or enriching compost. For more information about what goes where, click here!

Services for Single Family Homes

Residents may choose from 20, 32, 64, or 96-gallon garbage carts. The cost of your service is based on the size of your garbage cart. The smaller your garbage cart, the less cost. The blue cart is for recycling and the green cart is for yard waste and food scraps (compost).

Garbage collection begins early in the morning, so it is important that your cart be at the curb the night before to assure your collection is not missed. View information on cart placement. If you have extra garbage, call us at least one-day before your regular collection day to schedule extra collection service. There is an added charge for extra garbage. When you notify us in advance that you have extra garbage, you may use 32-gallon plastic bags for extra garbage. Loose material will not be collected.

We provide weekly curbside collection for garbage, recyclables, and compost.  Residential rates are based off of the size of your garbage cart.  Recycling and compost service are free of charge.

Rates effective 1/1/2018:

Weekly Curbside Collection of Garbage, Recyclables, and Organic Waste  (MONTHLY RATE)
20 Gal
32 Gal
64 Gal
96 Gal
Additional Services
Additional large item collection, beyond 2 included pick-ups per year $103.62 / each collection
Excess large item collection, beyond 4 cubic yards per collections $31.43 / CY
Extra bags/overflowing cart charge $7.51
Extra cart exchange, beyond 1 per year $75.00
Additional compost cart 96 Gal (smaller sizes available) $35.35 / month
Bin Rental: 3 cubic yard (7 day rental) $253.12
Bin Rental: 4 cubic yards (7 day rental) $304.04


Low Income Rates

In Santa Rosa, low-income households may be eligible for a 15% discount. Participation in the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) CARE program qualifies you for Recology’s low-income rate program.

Simply mail or email us ( a copy of your most current PG&E bill showing participation in the CARE program. Sign up by 3/31/18 in order to receive credit for your first billing statement. Documentation provided after that date will be applied to the billing cycle in which the documentation is received. The name and address on your PG&E account must match the name and address on your Recology account. Please note that you may be asked to verify annually.

The size of your cart depends on you and your family’s needs. Super recyclers or small families may be able to reduce their waste and subscribe to the 20 gallon service.

Please do not over-stuff or compact the cart, as all of the material may not be released into the truck.

Volume Typical weekly garbage needs for households Dimensions
20 gallon 1-2 people who use one (1) kitchen sized garbage bag per week. 24″L x 20″W x 35″H
32 gallon 3-4 people who use approximately (2) kitchen sized garbage bags per week. 25″L x 20″W x 39″H
64 gallon 5-8 people who use approximately four (4) kitchen sized garbage bags per week. 32″L x 25″W x 42″H
96 gallon 9-12 people who use five (5) or more kitchen sized bags of garbage per week. 36″L x 30″W x 44″H