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Recology is closing the loop on organic materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

By collecting and processing yard trimmings and food scraps, Recology produces compost, soil blends, and a variety of mulches made with recycled, clean wood. Learn more about how our closed loop processes in California, Oregon and Washington produce nutrient-rich soil amendments that help fight climate change.

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Recology offers a variety of products, including compost, mulch, and soil blends, to meet the needs of farmers, landscapers and gardeners.


Compost is a nutrient-rich soil amendment made from recovered yard trimmings and food scraps.

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Recology mulch products are made from recycled as well as virgin wood.

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Soil Blends

Soil blends are best used in planting areas, raised beds, as topsoil replacement and soil repair.

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Specialty Services

The Recology Organics team is here to help! We can deliver products directly to you, provide a spreader to assist with product application, and customize our products to meet your specific soil needs!



We offer transportation options, including walking floors, dump trucks or transfer trucks.

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Consultations & Custom Blending

Contact us for personalized consultations to find the right product for your project.

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Farmers across California and Oregon use Recology Organics to grow everything from fruit and vegetables, to flowers and plants.

We work with both traditional and organic farmers, as well as home and garden landscapers to find the best soil solutions for all growing needs. Our customers have found compost to be a viable alternative to synthetic fertilizers. As a result, Recology Compost and custom blended products help improve soil composition and grow healthy crops.

Compost Combats Climate Change


Recology Organics teams work closely with farmers, landscapers and gardeners to find the best soil solutions to meet their needs.

Can we help you tell your soil story? Contact our team!

“I’ve been using Recology Premium Compost for over a decade and am consistently impressed with both the quality of the product and their knowledgeable staff. Since switching to Recology Organics, I’ve been able to completely eliminate commercial fertilizer.”

“Soil microbes nurture our plants, compost feeds this soil biology. We use Recology compost to sustain these unseen partners, the soil food web at Be Love Farm.”

“Recology Organics has been a faithful supplier of mulch and compost for our landscape construction projects for 10+ years. The Organics team has been accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!”