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The Recology Organics administration office is located at 235 North First St. Dixon, CA 95620.

COVID-19 Update: Our team is currently working remotely to handle your product requests.  Please contact our Sales Coordinators, Dawn or Megan, for your compost, mulch or soil blend needs!

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Blossom Valley Organics - North
3909 Gaffery Road
Vernalis, CA 95385
Blossom Valley Organics - South
6061 North Wheeler Ridge Road
Lamont, CA 93241
Jepson Prairie Organics
6426 Hay Road
Vacaville, CA 95687
South Valley Organics
3675 Pacheco Pass Highway
Gilroy, CA 95020
Recology Organics - North Plains
9570 NW 307th Avenue
North Plains, OR 97133
(503) 647-9489
Recology Organics - Aumsville
8712 Aumsville HWY SE
Salem, OR 97317
(503) 749-3117
Recology Organics - McMinnville
2200 NE Orchard Avenue
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 434-1671
Recology Blossom Valley Organics (Modesto)
6133 Hammett Ct.
Modesto, CA 95356

Our Farms

Recology: A World Without Waste

Farmers across California and Oregon use Recology Organics to grow everything from fruit and vegetables, to flowers and plants.  Some of our growers include apple orchards, vineyards, and flower farms. We work with both traditional and organic farmers, as well as home and garden landscapers to find the best soil solutions for all growing needs.

Our farmers have found compost to be a viable alternative to using synthetic fertilizers.  As a result, Recology compost and custom blended products help improve soil health and grow healthy crops.

Why Use Compost?

Benefits of Compost

Over time, soils can lose their nutrients due to continuous harvesting. Amending them with nutrient-rich compost returns valuable minerals to depleted soils, restoring their natural health. Besides benefiting the soil and the crops that grow from it, compost also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, and conserves water and energy for the farmers and landscapers who use it.
  • Elevates soil health
  • Provides nutrients and minerals in soil
  • Improves soil tilth and structure
  • Enhances biological activity in soil
  • Increases water infiltration and storage
  • Promotes humus in soil

Our Products


Recology works closely with farmers, landscapers and gardeners from California, Oregon and Washington to find the best soil solutions to meet their needs.

Recology Premium Compost

Recology Premium CompostWith its reputation for boosting biodiversity everywhere it goes, it’s little wonder our Recology Premium Compost* is a favorite of vineyard managers and organic farmers.

It all starts with a rich, deliciously diverse feedstock made from reclaimed food scraps and yard trimmings. We then carefully monitor it for CO2, temperature, and moisture to develop a highly aerobic method of composting. The end result is a hard-working, earth-friendly amendment that adds important biological and microbial life while also increasing your soil’s organic or humus content.

Since Recology Premium Compost is intentionally engineered to work in a wide range of agricultural applications, it has become what some people might call a “crowd pleaser.” All we know is, given how it consistently helps improve crop health and yields, farms and gardens alike sure must enjoy being fed its buffet of nutrients and benefits.

Biotreatment Soil Mix
Biotreatment soil is an engineered blend of Recology Premium Compost and fine aggregate materials. This solid is meant to perform water quality treatment, bioretention, and obtain a desired flow control to remove stormwater and run-off pollutants.  This product provides high enough infiltration rate to meet desired water draw-down, an infiltration rate that isn’t too high to optimize pollutant and chemical removal, and vigorous plant growth.  Meets all specifications for the BASMAA specification guidelines. Available at Recology Blossom Valley Organics (Modesto, CA).

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Custom Compost Blends

Looking for a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers? Recology proudly blend our signature composts with additional amendments to create a product that suits your dynamic cultivating needs. Just contact us for a consultation. We’d be happy to help your soil achieve its full potential.

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Landscape Products

Recology mulches and barks are created from reclaimed wood so they can go on to live happy, productive lives in a variety of places and spaces. And because we make them in a range of sizes and colors, you’ll find they can easily coexist with whatever landscaping or reclamation project you have in mind.

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Recology Organics

Composting is incredibly exciting to us because it’s truly the most sustainable way to recycle organic material.  Composting returns nutrients to the soil using organic materials that historically have been thrown away and landfilled. The Recology Organics team creates rich soil amendments from your food scraps and yard trimmings, providing farmers a sustainable way to grow food.

Today, compost created by Recology Organics is used by growers across California and Oregon.


       Grocery Division & AB1826


The Recology Grocery Division provides large and small grocers throughout California with organics collection, hauling, staff trainings, and ongoing consulting to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, like the recent state mandate, AB 1826.  This measure requires businesses and multi-family dwellings that generate 8-cubic yards or more of organic materials per week to arrange for organic recycling services.

The goal of the Recology Grocery Division is to help our grocers minimize food waste and instead compost unsold organic products in order to increase landfill diversion. Recology creates tailored programs that fit the needs of each store and management team.

Is your store looking to comply with AB 1826?  Contact the Recology Grocery Division.