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Soil Blends

Our soil blends are created by mixing Recology Compost with other beneficial amendments. Blended soils are used for direct planting, as topsoil, or as an all-purpose landscape soil.

Ultra Potting Mix

Soil Blends

Planter’s Mix
Ultra-Potting Mix
Super Organic
50/50 Plant Mix

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Vernalis, CA, Vacaville, CA, North Plains, OR, and McMinnville, OR

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Custom Blends

Looking for specialty soils? The Recology Organics Team can blend our signature composts with additional amendments to create a product that suits your dynamic cultivating needs.We can assist with soil report interpretations to ensure your soil has all the nutrients required to make your plants happy. Contact us for a consultation.

Where to Buy
Vernalis CA, North Plains OR, Vacaville CA, Aumsville OR and McMinnville OR

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