Recology Organics - Mulch
California Cont.

Recology mulches can be used for weed suppression, erosion control, topsoil production, moisture retention in soil, landscape decoration or trail maintenance. We offer products made from both recycled and virgin wood. Not sure how much mulch you need? Try a Mulch Cover Calculator.

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Colored Material

  • Arbor Top Dress (½” minus) Red, Black, Brown
    Color Chip (2″ minus) Black, Brown, Red
    Decorative Mulch (2″ minus) Red, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Gold, Mahogany
  • Where to Buy
    Wheatland, CA, Modesto, CA

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Uncolored Material

Arbor Mulch
Dark Hemlock
Red Hemlock
Fir Dust Bark
Fir Dust Red
Medium Fir
Premium Fir
Cedar Chips
Fir Nuggets

Fines: Arbor Fines, White Wood, Recycled Cedar, Nitrified White Wood Fines, Fir Sawdust

Where to Buy
Wheatland, CA, Modesto, CA, McMinnville, OR, Aumsville, OR, North Plains, OR

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Other Mulch Products

Walk on Bark
Playground Fiber
Shredded Cedar
Small Deco Bark
Medium Deco Bark
Hog Fuel

Where to Buy
Modesto, CA, McMinnville, OR

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