Santa Rosa
Hello Santa Rosa!

All of us at Recology are genuinely excited to join the Santa Rosa community as your new recycling, compost, and garbage collection service provider. Recology has served communities in Northern California for almost 100 years and is now providing service to much of the West Coast of the country. Our rallying cry is “WASTE ZERO”, and we strive to find the best and highest use of all materials we collect. This philosophy conserves resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and diverts material away from the landfill. We have a team of specialists ready to assist your business or multi-family complex with diverting as much material as possible. Click here to find out more.

What’s new?

We have a brand-new contract with the city of Santa Rosa, and we are taking collection service to the next level. Get ready to see brand new cleaner and quieter trucks on the road by May 2018.

In addition, all of our customers are in the process of receiving brand new carts and bins. With over 43,000 households receiving three brand new carts each, thSanta Rosa Recycling, Composting, and Debris Box Services - RecologySanta Rosa Recycling, Composting, and Debris Box Services - Recologyis is a BIG job! We started cart swaps on January 15th and will be completing one route (approximately 2,000-3,000 homes) per week through the end of May. We’re also providing brand-new kitchen compost pails to residents! This handy little counter-top pail will make it much easier to collect your food scraps for placing in your green compost cart. All of your food scraps are acceptable in the green cart – more information here.

We’ve got something new for your blue too! Santa Rosa residents now have a convenient way to recycle household batteries. No more saving them up at home until you go to the hazardous waste facility. Just collect your batteries in a zip lock bag and place them ON your blue recycling cart after you set it out for collection. We’ll pick them up at the curb, it’s that simple!

Do you change your own oil? We will take your motor oil and filters too! Just give us a call to get a kit delivered. More information can be found here.

Santa Rosa Low Income Rates

In Santa Rosa, participation in PG&E’s CARE program qualifies you for Recology’s low-income 15% discounted rate.

Simply mail or email us ( a copy of your most current PG&E bill showing participation in the CARE program. The name and address on your PG&E account must match the name and address on your Recology account.