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Event Services

Are you planning an event in Sonoma or Marin counties? Recology Sonoma Marin provides robust special event collection services, and we will give you the tools necessary to maximize diversion from the landfill to recycling and composting. We can provide your event with a variety of containers and help identify the appropriate container quantities and resource guides to make your event as green as possible. 


We want to help you make your event as low-waste as possible. To align with our mission of Waste Zero, we have created a list of resources to help you green your event and divert as much material away from the landfill as possible. Also, there are important laws and regulations that are now requiring this diversion that is critical to account for in your planning. For example, did you know any ticketed or city-sponsored event in California with over 2,000 people (including staff) on public property must have a Zero Waste plan? Visit Resources For Event Organizers to learn more about A.B. 2176 and other important resources to help your event become zero waste


Special Event Containers

Debris Boxes Bins Carts Event Boxes*

*Available for purchase or borrowing; event boxes DO NOT come with service

Service Information 

Recology Sonoma Marin provides service for our customers within Sonoma County and Marin County.  If your event is taking place outside of these locations, please contact your local hauler. Containers are subject to availability. 

      •  • Three weeks’ notice – we need this as a minimum for all requests. 
      •  • Delivery – Recology Sonoma Marin delivers containers Monday through Friday. Deliveries occur between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM; We cannot guarantee exact delivery times. No service on Sundays.  
      •  • Cancellation Policy – We require 2 business days notice for cancellations. 
      •  • Rescheduling – We require 3 business days notice for rescheduling service.  
      •  • Payments –All paid services must be paid for prior to the delivery date. Credit card is always preferred. Recology accepts Visa and Mastercard prior to container delivery.

    • Sponsorship 

      We are very committed to serving our community and local non-profits who share our mission and vision of Waste Zero. If you are interested in having Recology Sonoma Marin sponsor your event or organization, please send these items to RSMevents@Recology.com: 

      •  • Details about your organization and how the contribution will benefit the community 
      •  • Signed W9 
      •  • Tax ID Number
      •  • If a Sponsorship request, a Sponsorship deck outlining acknowledgment benefits 

Let’s get started!

Submit your event services request using the Event Services Request Form. A Recology Sonoma Marin staff member will contact you shortly to confirm your services. If you do not receive a response regarding your request within 2 business days of your submission, or if you have any questions about your request, please contact: RSMevents@Recology.com