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The Truth About Recycling: 7 Questions with the Recology Head of Sustainability Image
The Truth About Recycling: 7 Questions with the Recology Head of Sustainability

In honor of this year’s Earth Month theme: “Planet vs. Plastics”, Julia Mangin, Head of Sustainability at Recology, recently sat down for a Q&A to dispel some of the myths around recycling, discuss the complexities around the recycling process, and explain the importance of contributing to the circular economy. Read on for Julia’s answers to […]

Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy Image
Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy

Landfills, the third-largest source of methane emissions globally, significantly contribute to the climate crisis. While the waste management industry traditionally relies heavily on landfills, an alternative approach that focuses on resource recovery—diverting material from landfills for recycling into new products or returning to the earth—is paramount in methane reduction. Reuters, Dec. 12, 2023. 

New Inclement Weather Update Image
New Inclement Weather Update

Due to inclement weather, commercial collections are cancelled for today Friday, January 19. Additionally, Suttle Road Material Recovery Facility will remain closed. 

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Business Specialty Services Image
Business Specialty Services

Our operations team helps businesses apply best management practices in collecting recycling, organics, yard waste, and landfill materials to maximize diversion and rates.

The Art of Recology Image
The Art of Recology

Every year, five local artists are chosen by a jury of arts and environmental professionals to help promote new ways of thinking about conserving resources, art, and the environment.

Drop Off Image
Drop Off

Recology Oregon Recovery Transfer Station is a public drop off location for a variety of items, including recyclables and household hazardous waste.