Recology Tour Program Covid-19 Updates

All in-person programming is postponed until further notice in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines. Programs offered below are available online as synchronous and asynchronous distance-learning opportunities. 

Virtual Activities

The following activities and resources are available for all teachers and families to provide students with meaningful and fun learning opportunities related to reuse, recycling, and composting. Resources are provided, for free, by Recology and our partners including the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Live Virtual Field Trips are available for all age groups through Zoom. Please contact SF Environment at 415.290.5856 to schedule!


Online Presentation

This seven-minute video teaches students why we care about nature and how recycling and composting can help protect all the things we love about our planet.

Sorting Printout Game

Use this activity to create your own mini Recology bins, and help reinforce proper sorting.

Read Out Loud

Recycling Day by Edward Miller, read by Alex Rinear
Not a Box by Antoinette Portis, read by Yvette Madera
Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth by Mary McKenna Siddals, read by Heather Rockwood
Curious George Trash into Treasure by R.H. Rey and adapted by Bethany V. Freitas, read by Michelle Sung

For live presentations through Zoom, please reach out to Education Specialist, Ailsa Harju, at 628.224.0938.

  • Elementary 

    Better at the Bin Coloring Book

    San Francisco artist, Sirron Norris, teamed up with Recology to create a coloring book–fun for all ages. Each page can be downloaded separately and showcases Sirron’s charismatic characters reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting. 

  • Bingo

    Play this bingo game with the whole family to challenge yourselves to use less plastic, and reduce and reuse more. Snap a photo of your completed bingo sheet with your recycled artwork and tag @RecologyAir on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our page!

  • Sorting Printout Game

    Use this activity to create your own mini Recology bins and help practice proper sorting.

Recology for Kids

Students can watch this presentation independently or with their family to learn about circular versus linear systems, the importance of conserving natural resources, and how circular systems help protect our planet. Students will also learn what happens to the materials they place in the recycling, composting, and landfill bins, and better understand how their actions impact the world around us.

For live presentations through Zoom, please reach out to Education Specialist, Ailsa Harju, at 628.224.0938.

Virtual Tour

In this interactive presentation, students will learn what happens to the material Recology collects from homes and businesses in San Francisco and why proper sorting is so important.

For live presentations through Zoom, please reach out to Education Specialist, Ailsa Harju, at 628.224.0938.

Check out the below resources from our partners at the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

Our Common Future: Creating a Zero Waste World for All
People, Place, and Fair Share: This program teaches students how these three concepts are interwoven. Through live virtual presentations and digital learning boxes. Students will engage with what it means to be an environmentalist, how to disrupt environmental injustice, and create a better future for all by striving for Zero Waste and Zero Toxics.

Transfer Station Virtual Tour

In this interactive tour of the Recology San Francisco Transfer Station and Recycling Center, students can explore the 47-acre site and learn about what makes Recology unique. Points of interest include the Artist-in-Residence Program and the three-acre sculpture garden. 

Recycle Central Virtual Tour

On this tour you will learn about Recycle Central at Pier 96, one of the most technologically advanced sorting facilities in the country. You can follow the sorting processes for paper, plastic, metal, and glass and learn about the latest technologies including optical sorters and robots. 

Compost Virtual Tour

In this presentation you will explore the entire compost cycle: from our homes, to Recology, to farms, and back to our kitchen table. Learn how compost is made, and how this circular system helps to maintain a healthy planet. 

For live presentations through Zoom, please reach out to Education Specialist, Ailsa Harju, at 628.224.0938.

In-Person Programming

We look forward to offering the below in-person programs when it is safe to do so. Please check our website and social media accounts for updates. 


Zero Waste Champion Program

Are you passionate about helping reduce waste at your school site? If you are a teacher, administrator, custodian, or other staff member at a San Francisco school, we would love to have you join our volunteer Zero Waste Champion Program! Zero Waste Champions receive support from Recology, SFUSD, and the San Francisco Department of the Environment to help their school reduce waste, recycle and compost better, and help the City and the District reach ambitious zero waste goals. We can’t do it without you!



Recology partners with the San Francisco Department of the Environment to offer free field trips, including bus transportation, to the Recology Transfer Station. Teachers can  learn more and apply for a free field trip  by visiting the SF Environment School Education website.

Offsite Presentations

For students too young, or unable to arrange a visit to Recology, we offer in-class presentations at your school. Our educational programing teaches students about Recology, what happens to the materials they dispose of, the importance of reducing, reusing, composting, and recycling, and how to properly sort materials into the three bins.​

Presentations usually last 20-45 minutes, vary by age group, and are accompanied by engaging visuals. To arrange a presentation for your class, contact Ailsa Harju at 628.224.0938. *Classroom presentations are currently only offered virtually*

Art Labs

Art Labs provide students with a new perspective on how art can inspire people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Students meet with a current artist-in-residence to learn about their practice, and have the opportunity to create their own artwork with clean materials scavenged from the Public Reuse and Recycling Area.​

A limited number of Art Labs are offered for free, including bus transportation through our partnership with SF Environment. Teachers can learn more and apply for an Art Lab field trip by visiting the  SF Environment School Education website. 

Due to high demand, in-person programs are only available to schools located within San Francisco. Programming is offered free of cost, however, for trips not granted through the SF Environment, we are unable to provide bus transportation. There is a minimum age requirement of nine years, or third grade, in order to visit Recology facilities.

To inquire further about our student programs please contact Ailsa Harju at 628.224.0938.

Please visit ReThink Waste or Stop Waste for programs available to schools on the Peninsula and in the East Bay.