Compactors - Recology San Francisco
California Cont.

Recology offers a full range of stationary and self-contained compactors to help you efficiently handle large amounts of recycling, compost, and trash, as well as manage odor and space.  We represent only high-quality manufacturers whose equipment can be customized to help you achieve intelligent solutions to managing your waste stream. Our service goal at Recology is to specify equipment that meet your needs as well as provide a service that is efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and can be easily handled by your building staff and our Recology drivers.

For purchased or leased equipment, Recology offers full preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repair programs. We also maintain and repair equipment purchased from other vendors.

Equipment available for purchase, lease, or rental:

For Recology sales, leases, rentals, repairs, preventative maintenance, steam cleanings, and any new equipment consultations, please call (888) 404-4008.