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Bulky Items

Bulky Items

Recology Sonoma Marin offers curbside bulky item collections for items that don’t fit in your cart, like old furniture, appliances, or mattresses. Please see curbside collection fees below.  We do not accept liquids, dirt, rock, concrete or asphalt, hazardous or infectious waste, or ashes.

If it’s possible that some of your items, such as sofas and tables, could find a new life, please consider donating to a non-profit in Sonoma or Marin Counties. Not only will you be helping divert items from the landfill – you will also be helping a great organization! Click here for a list of resources.

Customers may call customer service to schedule a pickup at 1.800.243.0291 or email RecologySonomaMarin@recology.com.

Rates (effective 7/1/2021) listed below.

*For each item after one (1), subtract $20.00 from the per item rate.

Furniture Electronics
Twin Bed (per set) $99.52 Computer Monitor $71.98
Double / Full (per set) $99.52 Television $71.98
Queen (per set) $99.52 Console TV $85.39
King (per set) $99.52 Stereo Equipment $85.39
Bed Frame $71.98 VCR/ Home Entertainment $71.98
Couch (under 6 feet) $71.98 Printer / Fax $71.98
Upholstered Chair $71.98 Copier (table top) $71.98
Wooden Chairs $71.98 Copier (small stand alone) $191.30
Dinette Table $71.98 Over-sized Office Equipment price varies
Appliances Yard & Garden
Water Heater (35-100 gal) $71.98 Gas Mower (must be drained) $71.98
Oven $81.16 BBQ (must be drained) $71.98
Oven (stove top) $81.16 Ping Pong Table $71.98
Oven (stove unit) $81.16 Exercise Bike $71.98
Microwave $71.98 Swing Set $71.98
Garbage Compactor $71.98 Bicycle $71.98
Dishwasher $71.98    Building Materials
Refrigerator $99.52 Household Doors $71.98
Freezer $99.52 Sink $71.98
Air Conditioner $99.52 Toilet $71.98
Washing Machine $81.16 Windows (less than 3′ x 4′ only) $71.98
Dryer $81.16
Household Items
Additional Items
Rug (9′ X 12′) $71.98 Items under 60 lbs. $72.65
Vacuum $71.98 Items over 60 lbs. price varies
Items requiring special handling price varies