Debris Boxes

Recology San Bruno and Recology Peninsula services provide debris box, compactor and commercial recycling services in the City of San Bruno and throughout San Mateo County. The construction and demolition materials we collect from debris boxes are sorted and recovered at a recycling facility, achieving about 60% landfill diversion.


    • Please no hazardous wastes, toxic materials, explosives, oil, auto parts, chemicals, serpentine rock, paints, TVs and other electronic waste, solvents, fuel, asbestos, or tires.
    • Materials must be evenly distributed and cannot exceed the rim of the box.
    • Construction & demolition ordinance assistance available.
    • Additional charges may apply to boxes remaining on site for more than seven days.


Attention Contractors and Property Owners – Notice Of Exclusive Contract
Recology San Bruno has an exclusive contract with the City of San Bruno to provide construction and demolition hauling/debris boxes to local businesses and residents. Recology San Bruno is licensed, insured, and carries performance bonds in accordance to City requirements. Give us a call for more information to avoid costly code violations (codes 10.20.050 and 10.22.050).

The City of San Bruno adopted a C&D Recycling Ordinance No. 1659 on March 26, 2002, requiring that:

      • 50% of all C&D debris generated on new construction of residential or commercial buildings is recycled.
      • The material generated from the demolition of any commercial or residential building, and from any alterations to existing buildings at a cost of $50,000.00 or more, is diverted from the landfill.

      Available Debris Boxes In Your Area
      Volume Type
      7YDS3 Open Dirt Box
      16YDS3 Open Debris Box
      20YDS3 Open Debris Box
      30YDS3 Open Debris Box