Containers - Recology Del Norte
California Cont.


Recology Del Norte will collect all acceptable materials placed for collection in Recycle, Brush or Trash bins or carts that are sorted correctly and contain less than 10% contamination by weight or volume.

If the customer’s carts or bins are not sorted properly and/or contain more than 10% contamination, Recology Del Norte may refuse collection of Recyclables, Brush, or Trash service after leaving one Notice, one Warning, and one Non-Collection Yellow tag which explains the reason for non-collection. Please refer to the Drivers Communication Tag Procedure flyer.

If the customer’s carts or bins are identified as Gross Contamination, having trash or unacceptable items making up over 10% by volume of the cart or bin we will leave a yellow tag for gross contamination. The customer will receive one Notice tag with a follow-up phone call; one warning tag followed up by a “2nd gross contamination” letter; the third offense of gross contamination will result in servicing and billing the cart or bin as trash for the cart or bins entire volume. If the gross contamination continues the customers cart or bin will be permanently removed and this account will no longer be allowed to continue that service.


Container Weight Limits

Overweight regulations and procedures
Bins are subject to weight limit rates and regulations. All bins over the listed weight are subject to additional pass-through fees. If at the time of service the bin is over its regulated weight, we will notify you and ask whether you’d like to offload the extra weight. We will then return for a $6.65 fee. If you choose not to offload, we will deploy another truck to have the bin weighed and tipped at the Crescent City Transfer Station. Any tonnage over the regulated weight will be billed to the customer along with a $6.65 return fee.

Commercial and Multi-Family Bin Loading & Billing Requirements

        • You agree to not load the bin over the rim full. The lid must be able to close completely on its own.
        • You agree that we will have full access to the bin weekly, from 6 AM – 5 PM on your service day.
        • You agree that if a bin is not accessible at the time of scheduled pick-up for any reason, the driver will leave. After the bin has been leveled off and made accessible you can call Recology and request a return for a $6.65 fee.
        • You agree that any extra pick-up service will be an additional 25% of your monthly rate. Any additional pickups will be completed according to the driver’s routes.
        • You agree the following HAZARDOUS WASTE OR PROHIBITED ITEMS will not be disposed of in this container: Hazardous waste includes but is not limited to: Paints, thinners, solvents and flammable liquids, used motor oil and other petroleum products, aerosols, acids and degreasers, infectious waste, including hypodermic needles, all types of batteries, fluorescent bulbs, electronic devices, thermostats, thermometers, switches and relays, musical greeting cards, lighted shoes and toys with liquid mercury, liquid of any kind.
        • You agree that no BULKY ITEMS will be placed in this container including but not limited to: Auto or truck tires with or without rims, appliances, water heaters, mattresses, box springs, refrigeration units, washers, dryers, furniture, bicycles, toilets, or bathtubs. Any such bulky items placed in this container will be cause for additional charges. You may be required to offload a portion of the material before re-service and/or incur additional charges.
        • You agree that all Commercial bin accounts are billed and paid monthly. Failure to pay bill after 45 days will cause interruption of service and possible bin removal.
        • Failure to comply with above may result in interruption of service. The business and/or name listed on the account will be responsible for all material and substances disposed of in the bin, whether or not the user authorized such disposal.