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Recycling, Food Scraps & Yard Debris and Garbage Guidelines

If you can’t reduce, recycle!
If you have more materials than will fit, place additional recyclables in clearly labeled sturdy bins or boxes next to the recycling cart.

The materials listed below are accepted in your recycling cart or bin in Shoreline. All containers must be clean and empty.

Recyclable Materials List

  • Cardboard
  • Office paper, including envelopes, colored paper, and file folders
  • Mail, magazines, mixed paper
  • Newspaper
  • Paper bags
  • Paper cups
  • Phone books & paperback books
  • Wrapping paper (non-metalic)
  • Paper cartons
  • Juice boxes, Tetra Paks & aseptic containers
  • Milk and soy milk cartons
  • Paper or frozen food boxes
  • Bottles (all colors and numbers)
  • Food containers and trays
  • Clear or colored plastic milk jugs
  • Dairy tubs
  • Pill bottles (no prescription vials)
  • Plastic cups
  • Lids (3 inches or wider)
  • Plastic plant pots
  • Plastic buckets
  • PVC pipe (white only)
  • Household rigid plastic items such as furniture, and laundry baskets
  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil & pie tins (clean)
  • Tin cans
  • Ferrous scrap metal
  • Other scrap metals (less than 2’ x 2’ x 2’)
  • Bottles
  • Jars


For items that are recyclable but require special handling, please see the Special Item Recycling page.

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