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Your Carts

Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or resident of the City of Oroville, we work with you to tailor recycling, composting, and landfill programs based on your needs.  View the Collection Calendar.


Leaves, branches, weeds, and plants go in the green waste cart. Green waste collection is available to all residents in the City of Oroville for no additional fee, and collected every other week on your regular collection day.



Compost services (food scraps) are available to Chico and Oroville commercial customers. Diverting food from the waste stream significantly reduces the global warming impact from landfills, as decomposing food waste is a major source of the greenhouse gas methane. Learn more.



Materials like paper, bottles, cans, aluminum and most plastics (no plastic bags!). Recycling is collected every other week, on the same day as your regular refuse collection.



What is trash? Not much! Thin plastics (bags and saran wrap), cat litter, ceramics, and broken glass to name a few. Anything that does not go into the recycling or green waste container can be put into the refuse container (except for hazardous waste). Landfill material is collected weekly.




      • Recycling, green waste and refuse containers are collected by a semi-automated sanitation truck. The automated truck requires ample room to collect containers safely and effectively.
        • Container Placement in Alley: At least 6 inches clearance behind all containers and at least 12 inches between all containers. Have out for collection the night before or by 6 am on collection day.
        • Container Placement in street: At least 12 inches between all containers. Containers must be placed curbside, not in driveways.
        • No vehicles in alleys on pick up day. Please keep it clear for the trucks.

Contact us for rates and container sizes.