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What Goes in the Compost Bin?

What Goes in the Recycle Bin?

No Plastic Bags

Compost Sorting Guide


Recycling Sorting Guide

Garbage Sorting Guide

Horizontal Label (Compost)

Horizontal Label (Recycling)

Horizontal Label (Garbage)

Paper Towels Label

Bottle Recycling Label


Compost Pail Guide

Commercial Brochure

SB1383 Flyer

Recycling Brochure


Recycling Brochure (Spanish)




Hard-to-Recycle Items

There are several items that we can’t take in our recycling program, but we don’t want to see them end up in the landfill either. Many of these items can be taken to special recycling locations, or reused by local businesses.

Business Recycling Tips

Tips to Prevent Waste and Save Money