Valley View Transfer Station

Where to Find Us
  • 3000 Valley View Road
  • Ashland, OR 97520
  • (541) 482-1471
Location Map

Our Hours
  • Monday – Sunday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Holiday Schedule
  • CLOSED: Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day
    Close @ 2:00 PM: Day before Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, & New Years Eve

The Valley View Transfer Station accepts electronic waste, recyclables, and bulky items.

We accept payment by check or cash only.

General Manager:
Gary Blake


  • Transfer Station
    Transfer Station

    Our transfer stations serve as public drop-off locations for materials to be hauled and processed at nearby compost or recycling facilities. Depending on the facility, items may be sorted and then taken to their respective processing facilities based on material type.

    Transfer stations typically accept all sorts of recyclable materials. Please see the accepted items list or check with us before visiting to ensure acceptance of certain wastes.

  • Recycling Center
    Recycling Center

    Drop off recyclable materials for proper disposal at this location. We'll make sure that it gets recycled instead of heading to landfill.

  • Green Waste and Food Waste


Disposal rates
Misc Items Rate
Propane Tanks, Empty, 5 Gallon or Greater $5.25
Fire Extinguishers, Empty $5.25
Fluorescent Light Tubes
(per foot)
Compact Fluorescent Lights $1.35
Water Heaters $15.90
Toilets $6.40
Antifreeze (per gallon) $2.65
Ballasts (non-PCB) $2.15
Compost Bags $4.00
Item Rate
Minimum Charge (up to 1.5 yards) $15.90
Loose Rate (every yard thereafter) $10.65
Compacted Rate (per yard) $24.40
Green Debris (per yard) $8.50
Soil/Concrete/Rock (per yard) $58.30
Car Tires $5.25
Car Tires with Rims $7.40
Truck Tires $10.65
Truck Tires with Rims $12.75
Sofa/Chair/Rollaway Bed $7.40
Mattress/Box Springs $7.40
Appliance without Motor $15.90
Appliance with Motor $26.45
Refrigerators $33.90
Motor Oil No Charge
Car Batteries No Charge