Holiday Calendar

2018-2019 Holiday Collection Schedule

So that our employees can enjoy the holidays with their families, Recology will be closed on Tuesday, December 25th (Christmas Day) and Tuesday, January 1st (New Year’s Day). If you are a Tuesday customer and your service falls on these two holidays, your collection will be moved to the next day (Wednesday, December 26th and Wednesday, January 2nd). If your collection usually falls on Wednesday, place your containers out on Thursday, December 27th and Thursday, January 3rd. Please see calendar below for complete schedule.

Please set out your recycling, compost, and solid waste carts by 6:00 a.m. based on the calendar below. Your regular collection service will resume on Monday, January 8, 2019.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dec 23
Regular service
Dec 24
Office is closed at 2pm.
Dec 25
Office is closed.
Collection day will be Wednesday 12/26.
Dec 26
Collection day will be Thursday 12/27.
Dec 27
Collection day will be Friday 12/28.
Dec 28
Collection day will be Saturday 12/29.
Dec 29
Regular Service.
Dec 30
Regular service
Dec 31
Office is closed at 2pm.
Jan 1
Office is closed.
Collection day will be Wednesday 1/2.
Jan 2
Collection day will be Thursday 1/3.
Jan 3
Collection day will be Friday 1/4.
Jan 4
Collection day will be Saturday 1/5.
Jan 5
Regular Service.

Holiday Tree Collection

Please place your trees curbside on Friday, January 4th.

The Ashland Boy Scout will collect trees and wreathes within Ashland city limits on Saturday, January 5th. Donations are encouraged. See for more information

Monday, January 7th through Friday, January 18th, Recology will begin the FREE tree collection. Tree pickup service after the 18th will have a $5 fee per tree. Customers who do not pay for green debris pickup service will need to call Recology Ashland at (541) 482-1471, to schedule tree pickup. Tree must be cut into 4 foot sections and free of all decorations.


Green Holiday Tips

Holiday parties and other activities present many opportunities to reduce waste through reuse and recycling. The following are just a few ideas to help you reduce, reuse and recycle this holiday season:

  • Have a create-your-own-decorations party! Invite family and friends to create and use holiday decorations such as ornaments made from old greeting cards or cookie dough, garlands made from strung popcorn or cranberries, wreaths made from artificial greens and flowers, and potpourri made from kitchen spices such as cinnamon and cloves.
  • Think “green” while shopping. Try to buy items with minimal packaging and/or made with recycled content. Check product labels to determine an item’s recyclability and whether it is made from recycled materials.
  • Consider the durability of a product before you buy it as a gift. Cheaper, less durable items often wear out quickly, creating waste and costing you money. Look for items that embody the concept of reuse.
  • Wrap your gifts in newspaper, which is not only recyclable, but also VERY inexpensive. Recipients always have fun reading the print before opening the gift. Not to mention, the gifts can look very pretty. Hint: If you are wrapping for a child, try using the comics section of the newspaper for a fun surprise.
  • Often times the present itself can create the wrapping of the gift. For example, scarves, soft blankets, or even reusable shopping bags, can create very GREEN wrappings for gifts.

How to dispose of Holiday Lights