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So that Recology employees may enjoy the holidays with their families, we do not provide service on Thursday, November 25th, and if your service day falls on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of that week it will be moved to the next day. If you are a Saturday, December 25th or Saturday, January 1st customer, your […]  Read more
Recology Ashland offers compostable bags for your leaves. Call 541.482.1471 to make your payment by phone and arrange pickup. Inquiries may also be directed to The biodegradable bags are $14.50 for a set of five bags, which include free curbside pickup. Each bag is nearly three feet tall and can hold up to 35 […]  Read more
State and federal agencies are assisting county and local emergency management agencies with assessing hazards and removing ash, debris and hazardous substances from wildfire impacted areas. It is recommended that you do not disturb ash or debris on your property until after it has been assessed by hazardous materials response professionals. Visit Oregon DEQ’s website […]  Read more
Help keep yourself and Recology Ashland employee owners safe by following the guidance below.    STOP & THINK What goes where? Sorting properly is critical to keeping recyclable material out of the landfill.  Yard debris should go in your green cart, while cardboard, paper, metal, and plastic containers should go in the recycling cart.  Glass […]  Read more
Recology Customers: We are pleased to announce that our payment processing site has been upgraded, incorporating an improved design and enhanced user experience. It is easier than ever to make a payment electronically and review subscribed services. Click here to learn more about the updates to our processing site.  Read more

Community Outreach

Recology Ashland has a history of community participation and is proud to have sponsored the following organizations over the years:

      • Ashland Chamber of Commerce member,
        4th of July & Festival of Lights
      • Ashland Community Hospital Foundation-
        Cardiac Monitors, Emergency Department
      • Ashland Emergency Food Bank
      • Ashland Firewise Clean-Up Day
      • Ashland Little League
      • Ashland Schools Foundation
      • Ashland Family YMCA
      • Boy Scouts Troop 112
      • Children’s Advocacy Auction
      • Give a Kid a Lift – Mt. Ashland Association
      • Firehouse Five Foundation
      • Friends of the Animal Shelter
      • Friends of the Animal Shelter
      • Jackson County Recycling Partnership
      • Oregon Sheriff’s Association
      • Prescription Drug Boxes donated to Ashland & Talent police departments
      • Relay for Life Ashland – American Cancer Society
      • Southern Oregon Goodwill
      • Southern Oregon Public Television
      • Talent Chamber of Commerce


Jackson County Recycling Partnership

Recology Ashland is a proud member of the Jackson County Recycling Partnership.

What is Jackson County Recycling Partnership?
JCRP is a consortium of governments and waste haulers formed to address County-wide solid waste issues and to sponsor waste education programs for area citizens. JCRP holds quarterly meetings, with attendance from other solid-waste related organizations and businesses encouraged. JCRP is an LLC administered through Rogue Disposal & Recycling.

Members of the JCRP consortium:
– Jackson County
– Municipalities within Jackson County
– Franchised waste haulers: Rogue Disposal & Recycling, Recology Ashland, Southern Oregon Sanitation

What does JCRP do?
JCRP works as a coalition to promote waste prevention, recycling, composting and hazardous waste reduction throughout Jackson County.

– Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days – annual drop-off days for hazardous materials
– Plastic Round-up – organized first annual plastic recycling event, resulting in over 43,000 lbs of plastic collected >>this event has been suspended indefinitely. For more information please contact JCRP.

Contact: General Inquires about the JCRP or the Master Recycler Program
Phone: 541.494.5488
Master Recycler

Denise Barnes
Director, Jackson County Recycling Partnership
Recycling Coordinator, Rogue Disposal & Recycling
Master Recycler Program Coordinator
Phone: (541) 608-1023

Community Education:

  • Serves as funding and planning entity for Jackson County Master Recycler Program
  • Builds community awareness through local media campaigns
  • Sponsors the printing and distribution of Jackson County Recycling Directory
  • Provides support funding for Jackson County SMARTWorks which helps governments, organizations, schools and homes to implement cost-effective waste reduction strategies

Provides grade-appropriate lessons, educational materials and presentations to reach children

DEQ Reports:
Opportunity to Recycle Report due annually 1/31
Material Recovery Report due annually 2/28
6% Recovery Credit Report due annually 2/28

  • How does JCRP benefit its members?
      • Compiled annually for the Cities by JCRP/waste haulers, the Opportunity to Recycle Report meets requirements of ORS 459, alleviating the responsibility of each municipality to individually fulfill this obligation
      • Using a team-spirited, collective approach for tackling solid waste issues, JCRP enables its members to achieve more results with less resources (“More bang for the buck”)
      • Provides solid waste professionals to work on behalf of the Cities and County
      • Enables Jackson County to meet state requirements, assisting the County toward achieving its annual 40 percent waste diversion goal defined in the Jackson County Wasteshed Recovery Plan
      • Fills an important community niche by addressing the solid waste needs of citizens and businesses

Jackson County Master Recycler Program

What is Jackson County Master Recycler Program?
The Jackson County Master Recycler program educates citizen volunteers to serve as waste diversion ambassadors in Jackson County. In November 2007, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality provided start-up funding to Jackson County for creation of a Master Recycler service program housed at OSU Extension Service. The Master Recycler program is funded entirely and advised by JCRP.

Each Spring, a 10-week training course educates 35 Jackson County residents and business and government representatives with a training manual, presentations from local and regional experts, and field trips on topics of recycling, waste prevention, composting, hazardous waste and the local solid waste infrastructure.

What does the Master Recycler Program do?
To become a Master Recycler, participants are required to invest at least 40 hours of volunteer annually contributing 1,400 hours of service towards waste reduction in Jackson County.

  • Community Events Recycling: Master Recyclers support recycling at community events, such as Pear Blossom Festival, Talent Harvest Festival, Jackson County Fair, Eagle Point July 4th and Rogue Valley Earth Day. In 2009, Master Recyclers staffed over 35 community events, facilitating the recycling of plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard and other materials.
  • Special Solid-Waste Events: Master Recyclers help to host JCRP special events, like the Jackson County Plastic Round-up, where in 2009, volunteers helped to direct 18 tons of plastic “waste” to be recycled!
  • Skills and Talents: Master Recyclers share personal and professional skills in a wide variety of ways, including construction, sewing, graphic design, editing, hospitality, painting, welding, administrative support, event planning and much more.
  • Community Education and Outreach: Volunteers help to build awareness and implement waste diversion strategies in our community – in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, places of worship, clubs and organizations. Volunteers often staff display tables at events to distribute information, they post fliers in their community, and use word-of-mouth and e-communication to reach and teach others about creating less wasteful lifestyles.
  • Adopt-A-Schools: Volunteers partner with Jackson County SMARTWorks to provide long-term continuity to schools with existing recycling programs, as well as helping other schools to develop new recycling programs. Some volunteers are trained to lead classroom presentations and activities.

How does the Master Recycler Program benefit JCRP members?

      • Generates a labor pool to accomplish a wide variety of waste reduction initiatives
      • Helps the Cities and County meet their needs for addressing solid waste issues
      • Provides community events, schools and businesses with resources to facilitate waste reduction projects and programs
      • Enables JCRP, waste haulers, and Jackson County SMARTWorks to initiate new programs/events and expand existing programs
      • Contributes to the requirements set in ORS 459, assisting the County toward achieving its annual 40 percent waste diversion goal Compost


Food waste is the third largest component of generated waste by weight. Because of its low composting rate, it is the largest component of discarded waste by weight. The average person generates about 197 pounds of solid waste per year (“Measurement Standards and Reporting Guidelines,” National Recycling Coalition,

The businesses below have chosen to divert organic material from the landfill. It is collected weekly and transported to Dry Creek landfill, where it is ground up with leaves and other green debris. Once composted, it is available for sale.

The Commercial Compost program has many customers:

Ashland Businesses:

  • Starbucks (downtown)
  • Brother’s Restaurant
  • Bloomsbury Coffee House
  • Larks – Ashland Springs Hotel
  • Ashland Food Co-op
  • Mihama Restaurant
  • Pangea Restaurant
  • Ashland High School Cafeteria
  • Ashland Middle School
  • Amuse Restaurant
  • Mix Sweet Shop
  • Cabaret Theatre
  • Ann Hathaway’s Bed & Breakfast
  • Zoey’s Cafe
  • Albertson’s Grocery Store
  • Ruby’s Café
  • Emeritis Assisted Living
  • Ashland Emergency Food Bank
  • Shop N Kart Grocery Store
  • Martolli’s Restaurant
  • Southern Oregon University – Cascade Kitchen
  • Southern Oregon University – Stevenson Union
  • Lloyd Haines businesses — Restaurants
  • Iris Inn Bed & Breakfast
  • Alex’s Restaurant
  • Greenleaf Restaurant
  • Black Sheep Restaurant
  • Sesame Restaurant
  • Noble Roasting Company

Talent Businesses:

  • Ray’s Food Place – Grocery Store
  • The Organic Grind – Coffee Shop