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  • Please be advised: Effective March, 20, we will not accept cash payments at our McMinnville or Astoria Transfer Stations.  We will continue to accept checks and credit/debit cards.

At Recology Organics – McMinnville we currently process 20,000 tons of yard trimmings, agricultural and land clearing materials each year using an open-air windrow system. The material is regularly turned and watered during the active phase of composting, which typically lasts 3-4 months. The material is then cured, screened, and ready for sale.

Our team completes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis to ensure a high quality, consistent product that meets the needs of our customers.


Recology Premium CompostRecologyPremiumCompost

Recology Premium Compost is best used as a soil amendment or ground cover. When used as a soil amendment and applied properly, it puts life back in your soil. We recommend thoroughly working the compost in with your existing soil at a ratio of approximately 2″ of compost with the top 8″-12″ of your soil. When used as a ground cover, it is an attractive alternative to barkdust that, unlike barkdust, feeds plants and soil while tending to maintain its color. Other benefits of the compost may include: moisture retention, erosion control, less soil compaction, better drainage and disease suppression.This dark, nutrient-rich product contains millions of beneficial microbes that promote healthy plant life, and is made from 100% recycled yard debris, municipal green material and food scraps. This compost is screened to sizes less than 5/8″,  is OMRI listed for organic use, and has the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance.

Planters Mix

A mixture of 50% fine garden compost and 50% sandy loam.

This is an extremely popular product used as a soil amendment for lawns and gardens. While you can plant directly into this product, we highly recommend mixing it with your existing soil. Planters Mix is an excellent choice for people who want the benefits of the compost and need to add volume to their lawn or garden.


Custom Blends

Don’t see what you need on this list? We do custom blending of any of our products.

Please call the office for a quote on a custom soil blend.

Sandy Loam (Topsoil)decorative_mulch_black

Great for filling in holes or for use as a soil amendment to assist clay soils in drainage. We do not recommend planting into the sandy loam as it has little nutritive value and tends to compact over time.

A mostly sandy soil containing portions of clay, silt and sand that is screened to an excellent consistency.

Quarter Mixcolor_chip

A mixture of 25% fine garden compost and 75% sandy loam.

Another soil amendment for use with lawns and gardens. While you can plant directly into this product, we highly recommend mixing it with your existing soil. Quarter mix is a good choice for people who need to add volume to their lawn or garden but do not need as much organic matter.

Potting Soilshredded_cedar

Planting in pots especially indoors.

A mixture of 50% e-compost, 25% pumice, and 25% peat moss.



The e-products are great for ensuring that when you amend your soil, you add all of the nutrition that your soil may be lacking. Plants like annuals, vegetables, fruit trees will get the most benefit from the e-products.Our compost and soil products (compost and 50/50 Plant Mix) with an added organic mineral fertilizer. The e (for enhanced) adds other minerals and trace elements that may be needed when amending a nutrient depleted soil. A complete list of all added minerals and trace elements is available at the McMinnville office.

Medium Fir

Fresh ground fir bark screened to ¾” and smaller.  Dark and bright red varieties available.
Uses: Topdressing in planting beds and around lawns.
Price: $28.00 per yard

Premium Fir

Aged ground fir bark, deep red in color and screened to ½” and smaller.
Uses: Topdressing in planting beds and around lawns or as a component of a potting mix.

Cedar Chips

Cedar woodchips ranging from 1″ 4″ in width.
Uses: Bedding for pathways play areas, and kennels or a long-lasting barkdust alternative.

Alder Sawdust

Finely Ground Alder Sawdust
Uses: Great for blueberries, mud/erosion control, or a great substitute to bark.


Left over product from screening our compost, it has a woodier and larger consistency.
Uses: Ground cover and erosion control, also can be used as a cheaper alternative to bark dust.


Washed and screened concrete sand.
Uses: Flagstone pathways and patios, sandboxes, or as a drainage component of a soil mixture.

Pea Gravel

Round rocks approximately 3/8″ in diameter.
Uses: Bedding for pathways or play areas or as part of a drainage system.

¼” minus rock

Crushed gravel screened to ¼” and smaller.
Uses: Bedrock for pathways and patios or other areas where compacted rock is needed.

¾” minus rock

Crushed gravel screened to ¾” and smaller.
Uses: Driveways or other areas where medium grade compacted rock is needed.

1½” Rock

Round river rock screened 1½”-¾”.
Uses: Generally used as drain rock, decorative rock or in kennels.

Red Lava Rock

Red Pumice approximately 1/2″-3/4″ in diameter.
Uses: Generally used as decorative rock or in filter systems for ponds.

2-6″ Round Rock

Round river rock screened 2-6″
Uses: Can be used for drainage or decorative purposes

Decorative Rock

We have a wide variety of decorative rock from flagstones to boulders to basalt columns in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Stop in and browse through our decorative rock selection today!