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Recology Organics – Aumsville has been serving the community for over 12 years. The site currently processes approximately 20,000 tons of yard trimmings, municipal organics, and land clearing materials each year using a bio-covered aerated static pile with negative air and biofilters to optimize the composting process. This system produces the best and highest quality compost from the incoming feedstock.

Recology Organics – Aumsville quality assurance program includes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis to ensure a high quality, consistent product that meets the needs and high expectations of our customers.




Recology Premium Compost

RecologyPremiumCompostA dark, nutrient-rich mulch containing millions of beneficial microbes that promote healthy plant life. Yard debris and food scrap feedstock are transformed into compost, then screened to sizes less than 5/8 of an inch and cured to ensure a mature finished product that will be most beneficial for all kinds of soils.

: Best used as a soil amendment or ground cover. When used as a soil amendment and applied properly, it puts life back in your soil. We recommend thoroughly working the compost in with your existing soil at a ratio of approximately 2″ of compost with the top 8″-12″ of your soil. When used as a ground cover, it is an attractive alternative to barkdust that, unlike barkdust, feeds plants and soil while tending to maintain its color. Other benefits of the compost may include: moisture retention, erosion control, less soil compaction, better drainage and disease suppression.

$20.00 per yd or $18.00 per yd if getting a unit or more

Planters Mix

PlantersMixUses: This is an extremely popular product used as a soil amendment for lawns and gardens. While you can plant directly into this product, we highly recommend mixing it with your existing soil. 50/50 is an excellent choice for people who want the benefits of the compost and need to add volume to their lawn or garden.A mixture of 60% Recology Premium Compost and 40% Sandy Loam Topsoil

Price: $27.00 per yd


Ultra Potting Mix

UltraPottingMixUses: Our products focus on wasting less natural resources by recycling products into various soil amendments that provide growers with a higher-quality product.Ingredients include Recology Premium Compost, Forest Peat, Aged Fines, Dairy Fiber and Pumice

This mix is formulated for indoor and outdoor planting, and is perfectly suitable for use in any size planting container or land application. This Ultra Potting Mix provides a healthy blend of products suitable for all your demands of general purpose planting.

Price: $55.00 per yd

Sandy Loam (topsoil)SandyLoam

Uses: Great for filling in holes or for use as a soil amendment to assist clay soils in drainage. We do not recommend planting into the sandy loam as it has little nutritive value and tends to compact over time.A mostly sandy soil containing portions of clay, silt and sand that is screened to an excellent consistency.

Price: $27.00 per yd

Custom Blends

Don’t see what you need on this list? We do custom blending of any of our products. Please call the office for a quote on a custom soil blend.



Red Hemlock

hemlockUses: Topdressing in planting beds and around lawns.Aged ground hemlock bark, available in dark and red colors, screened to ¾” and smaller.

Price: $28.00 per yd