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Your Three Carts

While you’re sorting your compost and recycling, Recology is finding new ways to reuse your materials. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or resident, we will work with you to tailor programs based on your needs.

Review Recology service offerings and rates for residential, multi-family and commercial customers effective February 1, 2022.


Food scraps, soiled paper, and yard trimmings (such as grass, branches, and plants) go in the green or brown compost cart.


Paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum/tin cans, hard plastics, and soft plastics such as bags & bubble wrap go into the blue recyclables cart.


What is trash? Not much! Cat litter, ceramics, ashes, and broken glass to name a few. Less of these items placed in the landfill cart the better.

Set up or change service

Americans with Disabilities Act
Disabled residents (pursuant to Americans with Disabilities Act) who are unable to place their containers at the curb have the option of placing their containers beside their home, visible from curbside. Please let us know!



Recycling is collected with a fully automated truck that uses a mechanical arm to retrieve the cart and place it back on your curb. Using the fully automated system makes the placement of the carts more important than ever – the mechanical arm needs to be able to grab a cart without touching the other carts.

  • Place your carts on the street no later than 7AM on your scheduled collection day.
  • Place wheels against the curb and close cart lids.


32-gallon 24.25″ 19.25″ 38.5″
64-gallon 31.75″ 24.25″ 41.75″
96-gallon 35.25″ 29.75″ 43.25″
1.5-cubic yards 3′ 7′ 4′
2-cubic yards 4′ 7′ 5′
3-cubic yards 4′ 7′ 5′
4-cubic yards 5′ 7′ 5′
6-cubic yards 6′ 7′ 5′
8-cubic yards 6′ 7′ 8′

Please review rate information, effective February 1, 2021 here.