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Residential Food Scraps Program

Beginning July 2017, all Mountain View residents with curbside service (individual carts) can place food scraps in the their current yard trimmings cart. The yard trimmings and trash carts will both be serviced weekly.


Curbside Recycling

Cartons & Aseptic Container Recycling
Cartons and aseptic containers are now accepted in single-family and multi-family recycling carts. Place them with the “containers,” not mixed paper. All recyclables collected in Mountain View go to the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station to be sorted. Cartons and aseptic containers of any size can now be processed there, thanks to new optical sorting equipment.

Extra Recycling and Yard Trimming Setout
Occasional extra recyclables or yard trimmings may be set out next to your recycling or yard trimmings cart at no charge. If you regularly have extra recycling or yard trimmings, please order an additional or larger cart.

Expanded Curbside Collection
Now collected conveniently at your curb! Make sure to put all materials in separate bags.

Education & Outreach

Recology Mountain View strives to provide excellent collection services as well as to educate the community about waste zero principles. Our outreach programs increase awareness of resource recovery; emphasize reducing, reusing and recycling; while inspiring people to see “trash” in a different light.Where does everything go after Recology picks it up? We offer a friendly and fun way of informing people, while answering the many questions that always follow once what is out of sight is no longer out of mind. We can host an educational table at your next event.Call Recology Mountain View at (650) 967-3034 or email customer service for more information.