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Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, such as fluorescent tubes and consumer batteries, are prohibited from the trash. Electronic waste contains a variety of toxic components like lead, cadmium and mercury, arsenic, and flame retardants, and when dumped in a landfill, these materials can contaminate the soil and groundwater, thus impacting surrounding areas.

Electronic waste includes: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, computers, monitors, cords, phones, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, microwave ovens, or iPods.


Residents may schedule an On Call Plus Cleanup at no cost. Curbside collection is not available to commercial customers.

Contact us to schedule a pickup.



Drop off e-waste at the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station (car batteries accepted). Items such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and household batteries can be dropped off at the Mountain View Recycling Center.

Many manufacturers also take back their old equipment for reuse and recycling: