Debris Boxes

Recology provides debris box services and temporary bins for all types of commercial and residential projects.
Select from the debris boxes offered and fill out your information and we’ll contact you shortly to fulfill your order.

Debris boxes are best used for medium to large projects, including business construction and demolition, and residential clean-ups. Example materials collected include: concrete, wood, bricks, metals, asphalt, sheet rock, glass, porcelain, concrete, and dirt; corrugated cardboard, a variety of plastics such as PVC pipe, packaging, and yard or landscaping materials.

Please Note The Following

      • No liquids, appliances, tires, e-waste, hazardous waste or toxic materials.
      • Materials must be evenly distributed and cannot exceed the rim of the box.
      • Bins exceeding weight limit will be subject to additional charges.
      • Rental charges apply to boxes remaining on site for more than 4 days, not including the day the box is delivered or the day it is removed.
      • Dirt and concrete may only be placed in a 20 yard box, and can only be filled approximately 1/3 due to the weight of the material.
      • Please contact us for rates and delivery information.

If you would prefer to call to order, or if you have questions about your order, reach us at: (707) 678-4026


Available Debris Boxes In Your Area
Volume Type
20YDS3 Open Debris Box
25YDS3 Open Debris Box
30YDS3 Open Debris Box
35YDS3 Open Debris Box
40YDS3 Open Debris Box