Transfer Station, MRF, & Business Office

Where to Find Us
  • 3001 N. Levee Road
  • Marysville, CA 95901
  • (530) 743-6933
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Our Hours

Please be advised: Our Customer Service Office and Recycling Buy-Back Center are currently closed to the public to ensure the safety of our employees.

Transfer Station
3001 N. Levee Road, Marysville
Open seven days a week 7:30am to 4:30pm

Holiday Schedule
  • Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day.

At this facility, we operate a material recovery facility (MRF) that extracts recyclables from the waste stream; a transfer station, and a recycling buy-back center. All facilities are closed on major holidays.

General Manager:
Rigo Diaz

  • Buy Back Center
    Buy Back Center

    Our buy-back centers are available for customers to drop off recyclable bottles and cans for deposit redemption (CRV). Most plastic and aluminum beverage containers are subject to CRV (paper milk, juice and other beverages are not included).

  • Customer Service Office
    Customer Service Office

    The customer service offices are available to pay your bill in person, speak to a Customer Service Representative, or simply meet our team.

  • Transfer Station
    Transfer Station

    Our transfer stations serve as public drop-off locations for materials to be hauled and processed at nearby compost or recycling facilities. Depending on the facility, items may be sorted and then taken to their respective processing facilities based on material type.

    Transfer stations typically accept all sorts of recyclable materials. Please see the accepted items list or check with us before visiting to ensure acceptance of certain wastes.

  • MRF (Recycling Center)
    Materials Recovery Facility (Recycling Center/Depot)

    Materials Recovery Facilities serve as an important part of our recycling process. This is where recyclables are sorted and baled by commodity, and then shipped to paper mills, glass plants, and other manufacturers to be made into new products. Some MRFs accept material from the public.