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Debris Boxes

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Recology Portland provides debris box service for residential and commercial customers within the city limits of Portland.

Debris boxes are best used for medium to large projects, including business construction and demolition, and residential clean-ups. Example materials collected include: concrete, wood, bricks, metals, asphalt, sheetrock, glass, porcelain, concrete, and dirt.

Pre-paid boxes are also available.

Please note:

      • Please no hazardous wastes, toxic materials, explosives, oil, auto parts, chemicals, serpentine rock, paints, TVs and other electronic waste, solvents, fuel, asbestos, or tires.
      • Materials must be evenly distributed and cannot exceed the rim of the box.
      • May be subject to asbestos testing certification per Oregon DEQ guidelines.


Available Debris Boxes In Your Area
Volume Type
10YDS3 Open Debris Box
10YDS3 Closed Debris Box
20YDS3 Open Debris Box
20YDS3 Closed Debris Box
30YDS3 Open Debris Box
30YDS3 Closed Debris Box
40YDS3 Open Debris Box
40YDS3 Closed Debris Box