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Recology Portland

Recology Portland provides yard debris, compost, recycling, and landfill collection and disposal services to commercial customers in the Portland area.
  • 9345 N Harborgate St

    Portland, OR 97203

  • Phone 503.283.2015

    Fax 503.283.2071

  • General Manager

    Carl Peters

Recology Oregon Recovery Transfer Station

Recology Oregon Recovery Transfer Station, or Metro Central Transfer Station, is one of two regionally owned facilities in the Portland area where commercial and residential collection companies dispose of business and household waste.
  • 6161 Northwest 61st Avenue

    Portland, OR 97210

  • Phone 503.226.6161

    Fax 503.226.4902

  • General Manager

    Carl Peters

Suttle Road Material Recovery Facility

Recology Oregon Material Recovery (ROMR) - Suttle Road Facility is a fully licensed dry MRF yard where we accept any loads of dry waste; mixed or separated.
  • 4044 North Suttle Road

    Portland, OR 97217

  • Phone 503.285.8777

  • General Manager

    Carl Peters

Foster Road Material Recovery Facility

Recology Oregon Material Recovery (ROMR) - Foster Road Facility is a fully licensed dry Material Recovery Facility where we accept clean wood and yard debris.
  • 6400 SE 101st Ave

    Portland, OR 97266

  • Phone 503.774.1418

  • General Manager

    Carl Peters

Metro South Transfer Station

Recology Oregon Material Recovery (ROMR) - Recology Oregon manages Metro South and Metro Central Transfer Stations, two public facilities owned by Metro, the regional government for the greater Portland area. Commercial collection companies and residents dispose of business and household waste at these facilities. This is the last chance to recycle waste before it’s sent to landfills.
  • 2001 Washington Street

    Oregon City, OR 97045

  • Phone 503.657.0433

Recology Organics - Aumsville

Recology Organics - Aumsville processes approximately 20,000 tons of yard trimmings, municipal organics, and land clearing materials each year. These materials are then processed and sold to local farms as compost.
  • 8712 Aumsville Highway

    Salem, OR 97317

  • Phone 503.749.3117