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Recology Davis

Serving the City of Davis, El Macero, Willowbank, Rural Davis, and Rural Yolo County.


Yolo County Bulky Waste Voucher Image
Yolo County Bulky Waste Voucher

We are excited to announce our Bulky Waste Voucher Program for Yolo County residents to dispose of unwanted material at the Yolo County Central Landfill.  One voucher will be issued per household bi-annually for the month of May and October. No commercial haulers or business materials are accepted. Residents must bring voucher and show proof […]

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Hazardous & Universal Waste Image
Hazardous & Universal Waste

There are several items that we can’t accept in our recycling program, but we don’t want to see them end up in the landfill either. Many of these items can be taken to special recycling locations...

Recycling Buy-Back Image
Recycling Buy-Back

The Recology Davis Recycling Center is a buy-back location for residential drop-off. We accept California Redemption Value (CRV) containers and non-CRV containers for drop-off...

Cart Placement Image
Cart Placement

Face each cart so that the arrows on the lid face the street and the hinges face away from the street. If the hinge faces the wrong way, the lid or hinges may be damaged...