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Cart Sizes & Collection

Cart Sizes & Collection Information

Residential Collection (single-family homes)

Organics, recycling, and garbage carts in Davis are collected once a week on the same day.

Single-family residential customers receive one 96-gallon organics cart, although 65 and 35-gallon cart options are available upon request. Garbage carts are also available in 96, 64, and 32-gallon sizes. Residents also receive a 64-gallon split-recycling cart (an additional split-recycling cart is available upon request at no extra charge). Our split-recycling cart is emptied into a split-recycling truck to keep sorted materials separate.







Business Collection (multi-family & commercial customers)
Businesses and multi-family units receive one 96-gallon organics cart per garbage service subscribed (restaurants receive a 64-gallon food waste cart serviced 2x/week), and two different recycling carts (one for mixed paper and one for plastic, glass, and metal containers). Cardboard should be flattened and stacked on the ground for pick-up next to the recycling carts or garbage bins. Some businesses have a bin for cardboard—please be sure to flatten it before placing it in the bin.  Garbage carts are available in 96, 64, and 32-gallon sizes. Additional carts are available for a fee. Garbage bins are available in various sizes.

For information on monthly garbage rates, please see the City of Davis rates, Residential Yolo County Rates, and Commercial Yolo County Rates.