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Your Three Carts

We provide residential and commercial yard waste, recycling, and garbage collection in the City of Arcata and Humboldt County. Whether you are a business owner, property manager, or resident, we work with you to tailor recycling programs based on your needs.

For sorting instructions, please visit the sorting guides and signage page.



Materials like plants, weeds, leaves, and branches go in the green yard waste bin. Yard waste collection is an optional service and an additional fee.



Paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminum cans, and most plastics (no plastic bags!) go in your blue cart.



What is trash? Materials going to landfill include thin plastics (bags and saran wrap), cat litter, ceramics, broken glass, tetrapaks, and organic food scraps and trimmings.



Residential: Commercial:
  • 20 gallon can
  • 32 gallon can
  • *48 gallon can
  • 64 gallon can
  • *90 gallon can
  • 90 gallon can (recycling only)
  • 1 yard container
  • 2 yard container
  • 3 yard container

Contact us for rates & to set up service.
* Not available in all areas.