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Blossom Valley Organics (Vernalis)

Where to Find Us
  • 3909 Gaffery Road
  • Vernalis, CA 95385
  • 209.247.9767
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Our Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Recology Blossom Valley Organics in Vernalis, California is a 216 acre composting facility that produces Recology Premium Compost. The quality assurance program includes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis to ensure a high quality, consistent product.

In addition, this site produces an assortment of mulches from recovered, clean wood debris. Using naturally occurring colorant, Recology Blossom Valley Organics offers a range of products to suit the needs of a variety of applications.

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Recology Premium Compost

  • DESCRIPTION: Rich and earthy smelling soil amendment
  • DERIVATIVE: Recovered yard trimmings and food scraps
  • COLOR: Black, rich brown
  • PROCESS: Material undergoes controlled biological decomposition. Finished material is screened to size.
  • SIZE: 3/8” minus

Compost Certifications: