Rates & Cart Specifications - Recology Vallejo: Unincorporated Vallejo
California Cont.
Rates & Cart Specifications

Residential Rates

Recology provides weekly curbside collection for garbage, recyclables, and compost. Residential rates are based on the size of your garbage cart. Recycling and compost services are bundled in with the garbage rate. Additional landfill and organics services may be added to your account for a fee. Rates Effective 1/1/2023.

Important Notes
Hazardous waste, toxic materials, explosives, oil, auto parts, chemicals, serpentine rock, paints, solvents, fuel, asbestos, tires, and electronic waste are not accepted in any waste stream and cart, bins, or debris boxes.

Cart Size Monthly Rates Typical Weekly Garbage Needs for Households Dimensions
32-gal $26.51 3-4 people who use approximately (2) kitchen-sized garbage bags per week. 25″L x 20″W x 39″H
96-gal $40.09 5-12 people who use five (5) or more kitchen-sized bags of garbage per week. 36″L x 30″W x 44″H
Special Services Cost
Senior 32-gal Cart $25.16
Additional 32-gal Cart $7.00
Additional Organics Cart $7.07
Call Back or Special Pickups $33.79
Extra Charge for Trash $7.00
Replacement of Burned Toter $75.00
Carry out monthly charge (On-Premises Collection):
Distance under 100′ $2.83
Distance 100′ – 300′ $5.10
Distance over 300′ $7.97
Special Pickup Items
Kitchen Chairs – Minimum $24.24
Mattress & Box Springs – Twin $28.97
Mattress & Box Springs – Double/Queen $58.23
Mattress & Box Springs – King $77.56
Refrigerator or Freezer $157.27
Mini Fridge/Freezer $69.69
Sofa – Small $72.69
Sofa – Large/Hide-A-Bed $145.19
Tires – Standard $14.54
Tires – Truck $24.24
Washer or Dryer $48.41
Water Heater $48.47