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Junior Recologist

Junior  Recologists  Are the Future

We are in a recycling crisis, and kids know it. Children want ‘grown-ups’ to recycle, compost, and refuse plastic to make the planet safe and healthy for their future and future generations.

Recology teamed up with artist and illustrator Sirron Norris to produce a dynamic coloring book featuring playful characters engaged in recycling and composting activities. Watch Sirron Norris and some helpful recyclers create a sustainability inspired mural together.





Downloadable Education Resources

Sorting Guides

Children of all ages can learn “What Goes Where”. Download these Sorting Guides to use at school or home.

Learn About Waste

These resources have been compiled to teach students about reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting in conjunction with a unit on natural resources, conservation, and/or environmental science. We hope to help spark a meaningful discussion and inspire students to make a positive environmental impact at home and at school.

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