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Kitchen Pails
If your complex subscribes to the composting program, we’ll provide each tenant with a 2 gallon kitchen pail for in-home use. Kitchen pails are a handy and convenient way to keep your kitchen neat and clean while collecting food scraps and other compostables. When the pail is filled, you simply toss it into the green compost cart or bin on the property.

Need to order a kitchen pail? Contact us.

Download the compost guide in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

Download the kitchen pail tip guide here.

Buddy Bags
Recycling Buddy Bags are available to residents of multi-family dwellings (apartment and condominium complexes with 5 or more units) free of charge. These sturdy large capacity bags can be placed in kitchens or any convenient location to hold all recyclables until residents are ready to empty them into the main Recycle cart or bin on the property.

If you would like Recycling Buddy Bags for your building, speak with your property manager or contact us.

Battery Buckets
Establish a centrally located collection container at your property – a lobby, multi-use room, mail room or clubhouse – for residents to place their bagged batteries or cell phones in a collection bucket, provided at no charge by Recology San Mateo County.

Need to order a Battery Bucket? Contact us.

When you’re ready to schedule a collection, place the bucket in the mutually agreed upon collection area and call Recology San Mateo County to schedule your free pickup.


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Technical Assistance

Audits and Consultations

Our Waste Zero Team helps businesses apply best management practices in collecting recycling, compost and landfill materials. We provide a single point of contact to help you implement new recycling programs or improve your existing program and make sure you have the resources you need.

Depending on your type property, the team will:

  • Visit your site to discuss sustainability goals, state and local recycling requirements and best practices for minimizing your waste stream
  • Conduct audits of your waste stream to suggest bin sizing and reduced costs
  • Customize your service options and equipment to meet your needs
  • Provide signs, flyers, stickers, internal containers and staff training and presentations, at no additional cost

The Waste Zero Team is familiar with assisting all business types–from office buildings, hotels and hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, and shopping centers to large commercial residential properties (Multi-Family Dwellings). Contact the Waste Zero Team.

State Recycling Laws

AB 341 – Commercial Recycling
California Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341) mandates recycling for all businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards of solid waste per week, and multifamily dwellings of 5 units or more. AB 341 is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state by 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

In San Mateo County, businesses and property owners are able to subscribe to composting and recycling services to comply. Property owners of a commercial business or multifamily residential dwelling may also require tenants to source separate their recyclable materials to aid in compliance.

*San Carlos businesses and multi-family dwellings with two (2) cubic yards or more of garbage per week must comply with the City’s mandatory commercial recycling and organics ordinance.

AB 1826 – Commercial Organics
In October 2014, California passed Assembly Bill 1826 (AB 1826), mandating all businesses and commercial establishments, including multi-family units, to arrange for organics recycling and hauling. Businesses generating a minimum of 4 cubic yards of organics per week must have a hauler and organics program in place. Organics include both food scraps and yard trimmings.

The goal of this legislation is avoid sending organic materials to landfill, therefore finding the best and highest use for these resources.