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Buddy Bags
Recycling Buddy Bags are available to residents of multi-family dwellings (apartment and condominium complexes with 5 or more units) free of charge. These sturdy large capacity bags can be placed in kitchens or any convenient location to hold all recyclables until residents are ready to empty them into the main Recycle cart or bin on the property. If you would like Recycling Buddy Bags for your building, speak with your property manager or contact us.


Kitchen Pails
If your complex does subscribe to the composting program, we’ll also provide each tenant with a 2 gallon kitchen pail for in-home use. Kitchen pails are a handy and convenient way to keep your kitchen neat and clean while collecting food scraps and other compostables. When the pail is filled, you simply toss it into the green Compost cart or bin on the property.

Need to order a kitchen pail? Contact us.

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