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StreetScapes Services
Daily StreetScapes Maintenance
Ensure your property is open for business with exterior maintenance services available seven days a week. Services include litter, debris and graffiti removal, pressure washing and sweeping, and wipe-downs of exterior surfaces, plus free on-call services for emergencies. Rates based on specific property requirements.

 service_oncall On-Call Clean-Up
Recology is there for you 24/7. We’re equipped to wash, scrub, sweep, or haul away any unexpected things the urban environment may leave at your doorstep.

 service_pressurewash Pressure Washing
Our steam/hot water pressure washers deep clean hard surfaces including entries, walkways, plazas, driveways, service areas—even stadiums. For high-traffic areas, our crews can work nights and weekends for safety and efficiency.

 service_graffiti Graffiti Removal
From color match to difficult masonry surfaces, Recology’s expertly trained crews can swiftly remove most graffiti. We have extensive experience with historic brick and masonry and always seek the most environmentally sustainable solution for each situation. Recology removal efforts often commence within 24 – 48 hours to help prevent further vandalism to properties and structures.