Hey Recology Residential Customers!

Did you know that you can schedule pickups of hard-to-recycle items at your home for no additional charge??

    1. Call Recology at  206.763.4444 to schedule special item pickup. Pickups must be scheduled to ensure they are completed.
    2. Visit this link to Recology Website for setout instructions.


Items available for curbside pickup:
      •  Batteries: Tape ends of batteries with clear tape and place batteries on top of bin in a sealed plastic bag. Limit: 0.5 gallons per pickup. (Car batteries are not accepted)
      •  Fluorescent Light Bulbs: No tubes longer than 4 feet. Limit: 2 tubes/bulbs per collection, max 10 bulbs per year.
      •  Styrofoam: Place in plastic bag attached to or next to cart. No packing peanuts, only clean styrofoam accepted. Limit: 10 gallons per pickup.
      •  Motor Oil and Cooking Oil: Separate motor oil and cooking oil into different color sealed containers labeled with name and address. Place next to recycling cart. Limit: 3 gallons per collection per type of oil.
      •  Textiles: Place in clear plastic bag. Limit: 10 Gallons per pickup
      •  Small Appliances and Electronics: Must be smaller than 2ft X 2ft X 2ft. Limit: 2 per pickup.
      •  Empty Camping Sized Propane Canisters: Propane tanks are not accepted. Limit: 10 per pickup.