A commitment to remain human in an increasingly changing and hybridizing world, culture, and home is what helps me negotiate my place interpersonally and relationally to my studio practice and production as an artist.  As innovations alter how we perceive and interact with the world, are we coming closer to or farther from understanding each other and the world around us? I n continually mining this question I find the memory of time and history preserved in the natural environment surrounding us as a major theme in my practice.  The traces and clues discovered in this investigation reveal quasi-cyclical patterns of the past and remind us at the same time to question how we might use that evidence to ethically move forward.

My work seeks to dissect and map the fabrication of time to expose and manipulate our understanding of cultural and environmental histories.  These are spatially configured through audience interaction with sculpture that incorporates sound, video, installation and drawings.  Found materials, technologies that are both vernacular and modern, and detritus from everyday life are appropriated or subverted and humor is embedded in the material and content.  When I was growing up my father’s workshop was in the room next to the toy room.  The door between the two was always open and I did not distinguish any boundaries between the two toys and tools, playing and making, girls and boys.

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Residency: October 2011 - January 2012
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 20  &  Saturday, January 21

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