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Debris Boxes & Dumpsters

Recology Mariposa offers debris box services for interior and exterior remodeling projects, demolition, land clearing, special events, and permanent locations.  Debris boxes include both dumpsters, roll-off containers, and small bins.  Containers are subject to weight limit rates and regulations.

  • Materials must be evenly distributed and cannot exceed the rim of the box.
  • No hazardous or toxic materials, automotive parts, or explosives.
  • Bins exceeding weight limit will be subject to additional charges.

If you have questions about a debris box or container order, please reach out to us at: (209) 966-3190.


Available Debris Boxes In Your Area
Volume Type
3YDS3 Dumpster
4YDS3 Dumpster
6YDS3 Dumpster
10YDS3 Dumpster
20YDS3 Open Debris Box
30YDS3 Open Debris Box


Dumpsters 1/wk 2/wk 3/wk 4/wk 5/wk 6/wk
3 yd 234.45 416.16 595.72 796.21 960.72 1141.89
4 yd 297.01 527.14
6 yd 416.16 752.98 1067.29 1393.13 1719.08 2040.33
10 yd 676.73 1221.36 1863.98 2328.34