Bike Recycling - Recology King County: Maple Valley
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Bike Recycling

Each year, millions of bicycles end up in landfills.

Recology CleanScapes teamed up with Bike Works to repair and reuse unwanted bicycles. Bring your old bicycle to Seattle’s north or south transfer station or King County’s Shoreline or Bow Lake transfer station, drop it in the big green box and your bike will be delivered to Bike Works where youth and adults sort and repair bikes for reuse, resale or donation.

At Bike Works, volunteers can “buy” a refurbished bike by donating their time in the repair shop. The general public can purchase refurbished bikes and the proceeds support Bike Works programs and bicycles not purchased locally are donated though a bike aid program to villages in Africa. Unusable metal parts and bikes beyond repair are stripped down to the frame and Recology CleanScapes delivers the leftover scrap metal for recycling.

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