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2016_11_2016-sps-visitRecology CleanScapes offers a variety of educational programs within the communities we serve. Our school programs are designed to engage students on waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation. Programs are tailored to align with the classroom curriculum and interests of teachers and students alike.

Please email or call 206-859-6700 for more information.



      • Recycle Truck Visit
      • 3 R’s Dance
      • Story Time

Elementary School (K-6)

      • Classroom or Assembly Waste Zero Presentation
      • Story Time
      • Recycled Art Activity
      • Waste Zero Relay Race
      • Classroom Waste Audit
      • Waste Free Lunch Activity
      • Recycling Pledge

Grades 7-12

      • Classroom or Assembly Waste Zero Presentation
      • School Waste Audit
      • Waste Free Lunch Activity
      • Recycling Pledge
      • Waste Zero Trivia
      • Recycling Facility Field Trip

For more information or to schedule a program for your students, call 207.767.3322 or email

We love making new fans…

“Thank you so very much for the program. We are big fans! We really appreciated the great work toward connecting with the kids, engaging them actively, and sharing information that was relevant and of interest. And your crew were all so personable and great! It really was fun and is such a great service you offer to schools.”
Lakewood Co-op Preschool

“Many thanks for the terrific workshop! Your presentation led to many wonderful discussions. We learned so much.”
Lake Forest Park Elementary

“The end result of the waste audit was amazing. It really got the students and staff talking about how we can be more aware of reducing waste to keep landfills at a minimum. The entire project has totally got our school excited about sustainability! All of this is largely due to the excellent work CleanScapes is doing.”
Rick Boyle, Vice Principal of Academics, St. Joseph’s School