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2017 Customer Newsletter

Business Recycling Tips

Tips to Prevent Waste and Save Money

      • Inform employees and tenants. Provide information on an ongoing basis about your recycling and yard waste programs – e-mail, meetings, newsletters, and sorting guides.
      • Place signage near every container – kitchens, bathrooms, common areas.
      • Place a blue recycling container beside every desk, workstation, copier, printer and garbage can.
      • Designate a recycling coordinator or leader to be in charge of your recycling programs.
      • Make the most out of your paper. Purchase printers that allow double sided printing, or use the other side of paper for your copy and note paper. Purchase recycled paper.
      • Use washable mugs instead of paper or Styrofoam cups, and use drinking glasses for tap water or water delivered in large bottles.
      • Invest in washable cloth dish towels and napkins, reusable plates, bowls and utensils.
      • Packing Materials: Shred or bunch up old paper or catalogues to use as packing material. Ask your vendors to avoid using excessive packaging, and reuse packaging materials whenever possible.
      • Opt out of unwanted printed mailing lists:,,
      • Invest in rechargeable batteries and battery chargers for digital cameras, flashlights, and other small devices. Designate a space for proper battery disposal.