Starting January 1, 2021, Recology will no longer accept treated wood waste for disposal.

Changes in State law have banned the disposal of treated wood in regular solid waste landfills and will impose significant new requirements on anyone who uses, stores, transports, and disposes of treated wood. If treated wood enters Recology facilities after December 31, 2020, we will reject it and require that you take it away. There will be no exceptions.

Treated wood is any wood that has been treated with a chemical preservative to protect the wood against attacks from insects, microorganisms, or fungi. It is typically used in outdoor applications such as fences, decks, stairways, etc.

For questions about responsible disposal of treated wood waste, contact your local Environmental Health Department or the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.  Visit or email

Contact Regulatory Assistance Officers at 800-728-6942 (800 72-TOXIC) or at