Along with the beauty of fall comes a few challenges for homeowners – what to do about all those leaves?

As the leaves fall, they often accumulate in our yards and storm drains which can have negative effects on the health of our waterways. Leaves and debris left in storm drains can clog pipes causing localized flooding, litter blockages, and algae growth.

Turn over a new leaf this fall by keeping your yard tidy and our storm drains free of debris. Here are some tips for managing leaves and protecting our storm drains:

  • Never rake or blow leaves or grass into streets or storm drains, instead, put your leaves and other yard trimmings in your green organics cart.
  • Take a moment to check your neighborhood storm drain for debris, particularly when rainy weather is headed your way.
  • Remember to move your vehicles on street sweeping days.
  • Do not clean walkways with a hose. Instead, sweep leaves, twigs, and grass clippings and place them in your green organics cart.
  • Do not dump trash or pollutants into the storm drain. Not only will these toxins clog the storm drain, they may severely damage our local waterways.