Vicki Lynn Wilson was born in District Heights, MD and currently works in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art and an MFA from Portland State University, both in Sculpture. Vicki grew up in Virginia and at age 16, began a three-year apprenticeship with bronze and stone sculptor, Retha Walden-Gambaro. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University for a year of Foundation Art before moving to Oregon to finish school. After receiving her BFA, Vicki worked for theatrical prop and costume shop, Michael Curry Design, and was a member of Blackfish Gallery for 5 years. At Blackfish, Vicki curated the 2004 show The Locals and had a solo installation exhibition in 2006. Vicki’s work has also been shown in Portland at Gallery Homeland, Floelich Gallery, Tryon Creek State Park and the Portland Building Installation Space. Nationally, her work has been shown in Manhattan, Boston, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Vicki has bee collaborating on public and private commissions with her husband, John Larsen, for over a decade and created two permanent installations for the Oregon Zoo. Vicki is an adjunct instructor of art at Portland Community College.

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