Growing up as a homeschooled kid raised by TV, my father, a photographer, sparked my fascination with photography and cinematography. The notion that I could create something as resonant as the TV shows that shaped my childhood excited me and fueled my desire to create and share stories. I tell stories visually through surreal colored lighting, textured shadows, and unconventional camera rigs. Whether it’s letting someone drive a car over my camera or strapping it on a skateboard, the closer my camera is to breaking, the better the shot.

These unconventional setups enable me to explore narratives with an emphasis on emotions and impact, rather than realism and standard practices, and bring a sense of awe and wonder by offering visuals we can’t see through our own eyes and diving into the characters’ inner headspaces. My goal is to imbue each frame with meaning by aligning the camera and lighting with the emotion of each story.

Residency: June 2024 - September 2024
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 20  &  Saturday, September 21  &  Tuesday, September 24

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