My current work reflects my interest in the many forms of natural, constructed and simulated environments that exist in a technology-saturated world. I’m curious about how people interpret the basic building blocks of their lives, sorting relevance through systems both public and personal, tangible and virtual. I use 100% pure technology to mimic nature, much like what most of modern society does. I enjoy creating this work with a sense of playful poetry, interpreting complex and intricate (and often ironic) relationships within the ongoing interplay between the “artificial” and the “organic.”

Most often, I create interactive sound “drawings” and sculpture that offers a vantage point into these relationships, using audio material (speakers, wires, amplifiers) not just for their sonic capabilities, but also for their sculptural properties. Recently I have begun to incorporate objects that add levels of sensual engagement, presenting participatory experiences that elicit multiple senses: vision, sound, smell-which mocks and transcends the referents from the “real” world. Conceptually, these unfold as questions about sustainability (psychological and environmental), dependence, and the complex relationship between people and nature in a techno-centric culture. I am interested in exemplifying a holistic understanding of our relationship to nature, not only on the biological and physical level, but also through complex socio-political stances that permeate the psychosis of who we are.

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Residency: June 2012 - September 2012
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 21  &  Saturday, September 22

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