Problems relating to the exploitation of natural resources, landscape use, and globalization are at the core of Husky’s multimedia practice.  From sculpture to drawings, action and photography, her work questions mainstream media in relation to its environmental, social and political agenda. Seventies ideals, contemporary “back to the land” movements, and solitary activism have been her recent main area of focus.  Her work observes and analyzes in an inventory form that allows the nature of the subject to be unveiled, revealing complexity. 

In past photographic work Husky has respectfully documented an urban neo-hippy movement, focusing on individuals that reclaim the urban landscape and insert viable systems such as grey water recycling, sidewalk removing, and pedal wash machines.  More recently, she has documented a contemporary “back to the land” youth movement which is motivated by a desire to reduce economic growth.

In installation work, Husky has used recycled fabrics, found or donated locally, to create landscapes and social portraits.  The familiar materials used and her method of fabrication translate into incisive and humorous depictions, and serve as a visual reflection on the implications of comfort in our “advanced” society.  The handmade quality of her work greatly contrasts with objects issued from remote anonymous manufacturers. 

Husky gleans and cans fruits, and redistributes the jams; she also trades physical help for a meal in order to bypass money transactions.  She acts where action is in order, and these “obvious” actions successively highlight the flaws in the wheels of production/consumption logic, the forgotten in the social care system, and the lack of solidarity.

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Residency: October 2010 - January 2011
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 21  &  Saturday, January 22

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