See the Channel 20 news report about Sudhu Tewari and Nome Edonna from January 24, 2007.  Watch a video by Mark Gunnion of our art exhibition for Sudhu Tewari and Nome Edonna in January 2007.

I am primarily a musician/instrument builder focusing on creating electro-acoustic instruments and electronics with which to perform.  I also create kinetic sculptures, interactive installations, and simple post-modernist pieces with reclaimed consumer electronics and found objects.

All of my art and musical instruments have started with salvaged “garbage.”  My primary musical instrument is a Harmon Kardon amplifier found in a dumpster, stripped of its original existing electronics and continually developed/modified over the past two years, adding contact microphones, springs, guitar strings, mixing and feedback circuits and other electronics.

There are few pleasures like revealing the inner workings of common devices and reveling in the simplicity of devices that seem dauntingly complex.  Technology has sped up our lives and in return it seems we’re that much quicker to trash perfectly functional devices as old or obsolete.  Seemingly non-functional devices are rarely completely kaput, something always still works in a way that someone like me can use to create new and interesting art pieces or musical instruments.

Photos for this artist.

Residency: October 2006 - January 2007
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 26  &  Saturday, January 27

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