My sculptures are abstract, simple, rough, and powerful. The forms are easy to approach, but the symbolism develops subtly over time. My vision is primarily of shapes, textures, and colors. Not words, names, or descriptions. I aspire to create works that are things in themselves, not just symbols or analogies.

When I take found materials and create a sculpture that has its own existence, I am liberating the material from its prior form. The results are sculptures that reflect my lifelong submission and service to the truth as I discover it along the way. The simpler the image, the more complex and diverse will be the eventual exposition of truth.

Being an artist comes with responsibilities. Providing the viewer a fresh outlook is a critical element of good art. I use my creative view to bring new interpretation to physical and social truth. The best of recycling is just that—taking already used materials and making an entirely new and serviceable product. That new product, especially if it is art, will change the new user just as the original object helped form the user.

Art, like recycling, is revolutionary.

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Residency: January 2004 - April 2004
Art Exhibition: Friday, April 23

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