There are complex and in-between spaces that we all inhabit. Borderlands, fringes, times of transition and disputed territories – these liminal states are as much physical as they are mental and metaphorical. As gorgeously intricate living beings, we have a pragmatic tendency to use whatever tools are at hand to make the messy world fit to into each of our respective views. This naturally generates tension when things don’t quite line up. A sense of imbalance and insecurity takes hold, a slow-motion tip just before gravity take over and then…? It is in these ambiguous moments where something interesting happens. My academic background is in theater and new media; my work is an ongoing search for gestures that celebrate our ability to navigate the ludicrous dissonances we maintain in our everyday lives.  

Residency: February 2021 - May 2021
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 21  &  Saturday, May 22  &  Tuesday, May 25
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